Paint mixer is one of the components of the paint production equipment

Paint mixer is one of the components of the paint production equipment, namely the mixing system, the paint mixer to smash the powder, disperse, emulsify, mix, through the dispersive disc up and down the high-speed operation of the new high-efficient mixing equipment, the material high-speed strong Cut, crush, disperse, achieve rapid mixing, dissolution, dispersion, refinement of the function. It is a highly efficient device for stirring, dispersing and dissolving solid such as paint. In addition to paint disperser, the paint production equipment also includes the feed system, grinding system, paint system, discharge and filtration system, filling system, control system, operating platform, color paste production part. From the feed to the material, finished packaging, fully automated production, assembly line of the production process, high efficiency, the use of international advanced dispersion grinding system, fine fineness, product quality and stability.

The components of the paint mixer are composed of mechanical lifting, main drive, stirring system, guiding mechanism and electric control box. The parts are compact and reasonable. Dispersed disc type: flat plate jagged, three meaning paddle type, disc type.

Paint mixer using electromagnetic speed, frequency control and three-speed and other specifications of the motor running a stable, suitable for a variety of viscosity. Normal and explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, simple operation and maintenance; production of strong continuity, the material can be quickly dispersed and dissolved, decentralized effect, and high production efficiency, high efficiency, high efficiency, high efficiency, high efficiency, high efficiency and high efficiency. , Smooth operation, easy to install.